S p __ a c e d O u t
photos by me and others that I love.

I love to fly. Its just you’re alone with peace a quiet, nothing around you but clear blue skies. No one to hassle you, no one to tell you where to go or what to do...The only bad part about flying is coming back down to the fucking world.
S p __ a c e d O u t
Spotted Cleaner by blakecorcoran on Flickr.
Loaded question by Arni J.M. on Flickr.
The Eclipse cycle by RSBurnsIM on Flickr.
Ethereal Light by RyanManuel on Flickr.
untitled by | m_ramos | on Flickr.
_MG_8606 by DevalJoshi on Flickr.
Paynes Prairie by DevalJoshi on Flickr.
Live Oak by DevalJoshi on Flickr.
Spooned by Illuzz on Flickr.